Thursday, 7 March 2013

My tribute to Matilda Mae

Any bloggers reading this will know who Matilda Mae is, if you are not a blogger and you wish to know why I have done this you can read all about a bright shining star called Matilda Mae over on her mums blog here. But do let me warn you to take two boxes of hankies with you if you are popping across.

I decided as I do baking and we have all come to associate this emblem that was designed just for Matilda Mae for her special day today, that I would turn this logo into a cake. The blogging and twitter community have been so so supportive today, we all changed our profile pictures to show our love and my time line has just been full of them.

Not to mention that between us we had #matildamae trending during her funeral this morning. I hope this helps to bring her family some small comfort knowing how loved baby Tilda still is. You do not need to have met somebody to be touched by their tragedy.

A huge support is also clearly visible on blogsrus

I made a normal sponge cake, which I cut into a square and then covered the edges with pink butter icing that I made, and covered the butter icing with purple glitter. The theme for today was pink and purple.

 Next I rolled out some white ready to roll icing which I cut into a square to fit the top of the cake. I marked out the five stars, one each for Esther, William, Jennie and David with the big one for Matilda Mae. Wrote their initials in pink and purple as per the original design and painted blue food colouring on the rest.

RIP Matilda Mae and may you shine bright on your family until the day you meet again.

No other blog post today seems appropriate.


  1. Been thinking about Jenny and her family all day, so sad. It's a lovely thoughtful thing you did today. x


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