Saturday, 16 March 2013

Project 365 10th - 16th March

10th March
On Sunday after work I had to nip down and pick OH up who had been helping a friend out.

11th March

Took the children out to run around the woods again, they had such fun running free. When we got back they were playing on the swing that is attached to a tree. Here is Fifi doing high 5's with Bob as he swings backwards and forwards.

12th March

Daughter No 2 came round today to buy me tea for Mothers Day. She was busy Sunday and I had the children over on Monday.

13th March

Took a picture of the blossom on the trees in the park whilst out for an evening walk.

14th March

We picked up the memorial that my brother in law bought years ago when Grampa died as it needed a good clean. We took it back and put it back where it belongs.

15th March

Took the car for a wash and thought while we were at the garage that we would blow the tyres up. Could not believe the jump in price from 20p to 50p to blow them up. Surely if your washing your car in a garage and then putting petrol in the tyre machine should be free?

16th March

Not sure if this is a prize or something I need to do a review on, it turned up with no paperwork. Hate it when this happens.

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  1. The price of air !!

    Lovely photos

  2. Lovely photo of the blossom on the trees.

    Our trees seemed to have snow on them again this week

  3. That photo of Fifi is brilliant, she's really engrossed in the swining.

    Thanks for linking up.

  4. My fave is the blossom photo. I love spring it's so full of promises.

  5. I am so with you on the cost hike! ours is now £1!! what thats about?

  6. you are always winning things Elaine - you must have lots of luck or you enter a lot of comps!! or both maybe :)
    i couldn't believe how early the blossom has appeared this year - i spotted some at the park about 3 weeks ago! crazy ! x

  7. Great pics - liking the blossom, maybe spring is finally on it's way?!

  8. Shocked that they charge for air (and as much as 50p too)- that always used to be free. Loving the picture of the children playing in the woods.

  9. Love that blossom shot, I noticed this morning a few buds coming along and I'm hankering after Spring today, seeing your children wearing wooly hats still is making me want ti even more.
    Paying 50p for essentially air! Absurd

  10. Busy week, lovely photo of a smiling Fifi and a very impressive night picture of the blossom.

  11. Yeeehhh blossom = Spring! Gorgeous pic and love the one in the woods too x

  12. I love the blossom picture. My sister has a blossom tree but it hasn't yet started to blossom this year!

  13. Lovely photos - the eskimo book looks like a good read! x

  14. Looks like the kids had lots of outdoor play this week :) We have woods close to us too and my three love to explore them. We've been making more of an effort to be outside too so I'm hoping this snow is going to disappear- Luka hates the stuff!

  15. the blossom pic is stunning!

  16. lovely blossom. and 50p is a lot. ours is 20p x


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