Saturday, 2 March 2013

Project 365 24th Feb - 2nd March

Sunday 24th

We went off to the car boot sale in the morning. OH saw a copy of this. This was one of the very first CD's he bought back when it first came out and his original copy is long lost.


This was a prize I won just after Christmas that has just come through. It was run by Gold on UKTV, This jumper is apparently 1 of only 250 made. Been a poor month this month for prizes, I won three in the first week but none since.

 I was getting arty farty in the kitchen thanks to a challenge set by Sainsbury's linked to the 25th anniversary of Comic Relief . You can read my full post here I am surprised, I have been chosen as one of the five finalists, this will be put to a vote of Sainsbury's Facebook page so I will be asking for votes sometime soon. (Sorry hate voting comps)


Went down to take some stuff to son No1, and went for a wander off into the surrounding woods. Very pleasant along the river. These two trees stand very tall in the middle of the field. Look at the bright blue sky behind them.


We had to take Son No1 to Newmilns and went for a walk along the river. Never been back to Newmilns for a walk along here since we left the Valley ten years ago.  Just had to share a picture of this sign that we saw. Really did make me laugh. I have also done a post called Memories, come share my trip down memory lane with me  and some  of the beautiful countryside that that end of Ayrshire has to offer.

Fri 1st March

Well that is another month gone, into day sixty already. Today I made a lemon drizzle cake, you will find many variations on the recipe if you do a Google search.


OH is messing around with old videos available on You Tube, we went for another afternoon trip down memory lane, one we could do sat in our living room. This is from an episode of The Magic Roundabout.

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  1. my parents had that album - it got played a LOT!!
    it looks like you have had some blue skies this week which always makes for a nicer week in my book. that red nose day cookie looks fab! well done x

  2. That tree is amazing, it's standing so tall and strong.

    Thanks for linking up.

  3. Great photos. Your Red Nose Day cookies are amazing! I was interested to see what you went for after our conversation on Facebook. I'm sorry but that jumper is perfectly hideous, I think I'm quite glad there is only 250 of them in the world!

  4. Love your Red Nose Day creations and the Magic Roundabout brings all sorts of memories back!

  5. Looks like you have had a really busy week, That lemon drizzle cake looks lush :-)

  6. i really like the poster. it is great!

  7. Beautiful photos !!! I love the cakes mmmmm

  8. The sign on the tree made me laugh, what beautiful blue sky. Your Lemon drizzle cake looks very much like the one I make and that doesn't last long in our house, a definite favourite.

  9. I love that red cookie! I think I need one. :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  10. Fun photography week ^_^

  11. My Hubby still pays Brothers in Arms and it was one of the first CDs we bought too!
    I can't watch Magic Roundabout witout thinking of a very dirty voice over version done years ago by Jasper Carrot (i think)

  12. Lemon drizzle is one of my favourite cakes. I love that fly tipping sign, very funny.

  13. That fly tippers sign is just brilliant!!!

  14. Love the fly tippers sign!


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