Saturday, 9 March 2013

Project 365 3rd - 9th March

Sunday 3rd March

Wandering around at my friends new cottage today, honest they want my company, down on the bottom field is a dog graveyard, some of them go back over a hundred years. What a nice thing to be able to do when you own your own land.


We had Bob over again on Monday, and we went gruffalo hunting. You can read all about our fun here.


These are the flowers I got from Interflora in return for a review. They were not overly happy with my truthful findings, but that is the idea behind doing a review, no point in it all looking hunky dory if it is not. You can read my review here if you wish.  I had hoped by now that they may have sent me a second bunch, what I had "paid" for in the first place so I could add a picture to my blog post of what I should of got so people knew what they could expect.


I eventually managed to get my joyville chocolate from the dairy milk facebook app. I had won one bar and wanted to put my blog name on it. It tells you you can add ten letters and funasagran is ten letters, but when you try to add it it tells you it is too long. So to pacify me the told me I could have a second bar, and so I split my blog name across the two wrappers.


This one needs few words, it is my very small tribute, a pink and purple cake with a motif made from icing on top.  RIP Matilda Mae, There are a few other pictures on  my tribute to Matilda Mae post.


I took another delivery of meat for the freezer this week. I like to bulk cook food as it saves power, means I make all the mess in one go, and it also saves me time on the days I am working as I just need to reheat rather than cook.

In the pan there is some mince and carrots left, that will make a mince pie for tomorrow. The middle was haggis lasagne for tea tonight, and at the back a very large mince lasagne that will freeze in three portions for three other nights,


I have wanted an e-reader for a long time. I had put some stuff on a compers swap website and somebody offered to swap me something I had for one, so here is my Kobo reader.


  1. I love the tribute to MM very touching.

  2. That is a lovely tribute to MM. Love the cadbury's bars and am impressed with the bulk cooking, very organised!

  3. I wont be buying from interflora! how gutting if thats what you received :-(

  4. What a great looking cake and a very fitting tribute

  5. going on a gruffalo hunt is always a fun thing to do, I bet Bob had a great time. and your cake tribute to MM is very sweet (no pun intended) and I am liking your Cadburys blog name bar x

  6. Wonderful tribute to Matilda xx

  7. The previous owners obviously had a lot of dogs and treasured them, I've never seen anything like that before. Gruffalo hunt is a great way to get outdoors and have fun. Lovely sentiment for MM.

  8. MM chocolate, lasagne and cake (even if the cake was for a very sad reason..)
    Enjoy your Kobo. Hubby bought me a kindle for xmas and although it I would not have thought of putting it on my list I have enjoyed using it. Amazon has loads of free books too.

  9. Oooh Gruffalo hunt sounds good fun and those 2 bars of chocolate look massive!

  10. Wow, I've never heard of a dog graveyard. I love your personalised chocolate; could have lots of fun with that.


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