Saturday 25 August 2012

A matchmaker cake

I have a lovely friend coming to stay next weekend, and one of the provisos of her coming was that I baked her a cake. I had an idea for a cake and so thought I would try it out to see if it looked as good as I visualised it on my head.

I used a basic Victoria Sponge but changed the eggs for ground flaxseed, added chocolate powder to half of it and  leaving half of it plain. But this would work just as well with a normal cake recipe.

Cooked the cakes in two rectangular cake tins and once cool cut each piece onto four width wise. Placed them on top off each other as in a chess board design and stuck together with dairy free butter icing to which I added vanilla extract and some red and blue gel food colouring, hoping to achieve a nice purple colour but ended up with a sort of mucky bluey grey colour. Wont be adding the colouring next week.

I then spread butter cream round the edge and cut a combination of orange and mint matchmakers in half and stood them upright round the edge of the cake.

Looked very nice indeed, and of course tasted light, fluffy and delicious.


  1. This looks delicious. Love the colours too

  2. Looks yummy. Not too sure bout the odd blue icing, lol. Still im sure it tasted delicious. The inside looks like battenburg cake. Great cake elaine xx

    1. no I was not to sure about the strange colour icing either. I had a vision of this gorgeous purple colour....some things work some things dont, and this was


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