Thursday 16 August 2012

Stabilo back to school - a review

Stabilo make a huge range of stationery items, including a range designed for children. I was sent some of these to share with the children and thought I would tell you about them in case you want to buy some for your children to send back to school with them. 

the green and yellow pen with 2 spare refills
STABILO knows that getting the kids ready to go back to school isn’t always easy which is why it has developed a pen to take at least one thing off your mind – handwriting. The EASYoriginal ergonomic pen will encourage your child to pick it up and learn with its colourful exterior and built in finger grips that make writing comfortable, fun and easy!
Why choosing STABILO is as easy as ABC:
E is for Ergonomics: The EASYoriginal ergonomic grip shows children exactly where their fingers should sit in order for them to write comfortably and without pain from holding too tight or pressing too hard. The EASYoriginal has versions for both right and left handed children.
C is for Colour: The bright look and variety of colours of the EASYoriginal means that it’s something that children actually want to use and are proud to show off in the classroom!
S is for Stockists: The EASYoriginal is available in all major supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco, major stationery shops including WH Smith and Rymans and online retailers including Amazon and Cult Pens.
T is for Trust: STABILO is a trusted brand which is praised by teachers, approved by parents and loved by children. STABILO believes in giving children the best possible start in education starting with the tools they need.
The RRP of the EASYoriginal is £6.99. 

This was easy for the children to use especially with it being shaped for thei hands, and it also a roller ball making it nice and easy to write with.  The one we were sent was for a right handed child and both the children loved using it. 

The Woody 3 in 1 is a chunky pencil with a difference, it’s a coloured pencil, watercolour and wax crayon all in one and is ideal for small hands. Plus, at only £8.00 for a pack of 6 the price will keep parents happy too!

For kids who love to colour, the Cappi pens are perfect for the new term ahead. All the caps on the STABILO Cappi are strung onto a clever ring, keeping them together and ensuring they don’t get lost! Cappi pens are £6.50 for a pack of 12. We liked the idea of these as my kids are notorious for losing the lids off of their pens. They colour  well with their nice thick nibs.  

The STABILO BOSS MINI Ocean Friends are fun and funky highlighters that each has a different character. At £3.89 for a pack of 3, these highlighters are ideal for keeping the summer fun going into the new term! These were limited edition and are no longer available.  I liked the size of these in comparison to normal size highlighters for young children's hands.  But they do have a smashing looking Halloween set  that may be quite nice as well, 

The STABILO Trio 2 in 1 has two different nibs making it the ideal gift for kids that love to switch quickly between colouring and writing. At £6.80 for a pack of 10 these pens will help save space in any pencil case!

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