Saturday 4 August 2012

Project 366 217/366

After work today we wandered off to Dundonald, as the annual Dundonald Highland Games were on. Had a bit of a wander around, listened to some of the pipe bands and watched some highland dancers. The battle enactment left a bit to be desired, six people with swords, not quite what we expected. Plenty for the kids to do. The weather was too warm, and shame it had rained as it was very very muddy underfoot, my new trainers are rather muddy to say the least.

Went up to the castle at the top of the hill to see the views but was too many people to get a decent photograph. were some cracking panoramic shots to be had but just too many people to get in the way.

Took half a dozen photos worth choosing from but decided on this one.

Ayr Pipe Band, Dundonald Highland Games 2012
Ayr Pipe band


  1. This is a beautiful photo, great capture, well done x

  2. I'd love to go to some Highland Games one day and I do love the bagpipes (explained by having a Scots Grandma who was very proud of her heritage)


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