Friday 31 August 2012

Project 366 244/366

Well that is us two thirds of the way through the year. Tomorrow is the first of September, a day I am going to be attending my first ever blog conference. This one is a food blog conference and they have even been kind enough to bring it to my home town.

Anyway my lovely friend, Kay from brinkofbedlam is on her way up to stay with me for the weekend, Ive dusted me corners and cleaned the places I have been threatening to clean for a month or three, but more importantly I have made her a cake, cos she said she wasn't coming if I didnt.

Ladies and gentleman I give you Kay's Matchmaker cake;

A simple eggless sponge with vanilla flavour butter icing and surrounded by matchakers

I am also entering this onto Helen's Foodie Foto Friday - love the title - it is exactly what it says a foto of some food I have made this week. Hows this for economics -  a multi purpose cake.

The Crazy Kitchen

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  1. ooh that looks lovely, Kay is very lucky! I hope you both have a great time at the conference.
    Thanks for joining in & linking up

  2. That looks like so much fun! What in the green icing?

  3. its one from a set of Morrisons writing icing tubes Emily

  4. I have to say that looks yum. Hope you both have a fab time

  5. mmm yum - Can I come and stay too :)

  6. mmmm i do like matchsticks havent had them in ages! great idea for a cake x


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