Monday 6 August 2012

We went to the park

We went up to the park in the woods after tea tonight. Just some normal run of the mill pictures, but memories to look back on.

Was hilarious at one point on the roundabout as Auntie Heather is saying to Bob "your fine I wont let you fall off" - he slides off the side straight onto the ground....hmmm

Have added the videos just to remind my lovely family how nutty they are, I am sure they cannot possibly be genetically linked to me....I just love the facial expressions they have, and Fifi making me laugh with  her singing and antics. Cheer yourself up and have a laugh.


  1. Replies
    1. that they certainly are...not sure where it comes from but its not from me.

  2. yes I know!! but great fun to watch them, all to soon they will be to grown up to do this sort of thing


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