Saturday 11 August 2012

Project 366 224/366

Went for a walk along the beach at Troon hoping to catch a sunset, but it was just too cloudy. But it was a lovely evening for a walk, saw a few photo opportunities, two  small fishing boats, some groovy bright coloured metal picnic benches, a full size very rusty old anchor and some close ups of the texture of the rust,  an interesting part of a factory, but decided my picture of the day is this wall, just love the worn out texture that the years of wind and rain have created.

a sandstone wall blasted by the weather


  1. It's lovely to see the beauty of nature and how nature itself can alter the things around it x

  2. Intresting to see how it's been worn down :)

  3. It's amazing the way that Mother Nature continues to shape her world no matter what we try and do to it.


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