Friday 3 August 2012

Project 366 216/366

This was as near as I got Im afraid, and this was an hour after closing. Was hoping to get some interesting pictures but the whole area is covered in huge Marquees all facing in the way so could not see a thing. It costs £14 to get in, and it makes for expensive photos.

My local radio station was there today and they were walking round interviewing various stall holders and one stall was being run by Sainsbury Community Liason ( or something like that) , the two woman one from Edinburgh and one from Glasgow.Wonder if they asked any local bloggers along to blog for them.

Ayr flower show 2012

Quite difficult to read the writing round the curve but it says Ayr Flower Show, and this is the 52nd year it has run.


  1. Was it just open today or will you be popping back? Nice snap anyhow x

    1. its a 3 day event Emma but no no real point in going back as wont see anything of interest.


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