Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A quick guide to Christmas flower arrangements

Learning some simple techniques on flower arranging can be all you need to get you and your family into the best of spirits for this festive season - and can save you money too by becoming the next DIY queen.

A home-made centrepiece for your dinner table made of Christmas plants, flowers and candles looks amazing, and flowers also make ideal gifts.

If you are truly creative and want to take on the task yourself, you could always look at some of Interflora UK’s Christmas flower arrangements for inspiration and give someone a creatively unconventional Christmas gift this year.

White represents peace, which is after all what Christmas is all about. A selection of white roses, lilies and freesias in a clear vase tied with a gold ribbon look wonderful.

Alternatively, surround a large white pillar candle in a gold stand with some evergreen plants – gardenia has small white flowers which will add to the effect.

Create your own seasonal ornaments to complement your flower centrepiece. Spray pine cones gold and dip bunches of grapes in sugar syrup to turn them silvery and make them 

Arrange these in a wide, shallow bowl with a mixture of colourful, seasonal fruits and intersperse with your favourite Christmas flowers, cutting the stems down in keeping with the height of this arrangement.
Sending a loved one a Christmas hamper lets them know you care, especially when you take time to fill it with all their favourite things. Layer their favourite seasonal treats in a nice basket and give the arrangement height by adding a bottle of wine and a well-presented bunch of flowers. Include seasonal poinsettia for a traditional feel. 

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  1. I love the arrangements that Interflora come up with, so beautiful and such a lovely gift at Christmas time.

  2. How gorgeous!

    Particularly love the blue and red one.

    1. yes it was one of my favourite thats why I inserted the picture. Not so much a lover of "traditiona" Christmas designs

    2. yes it was my favourite out of the choices as well, just that bit different for the time of year. not so keen on traditional Christmas designs


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