Monday, 8 October 2012

Nakd bars - a review

I was sent a box of my chosen flavour of Nakd bars in return for a review. Nakd bars are made by Natural Balance foods . They are described as

Nākd Bars

Our simplest and most beloved bars. Just raw fruits and nuts smooshed together. Containing 100% natural ingredients with no added sugars or syrups,  these bars are also wheat and gluten free, and bursting with yummy goodness. With a soft, chewy texture they fill you up till your next meal and most count towards 1 of your 5 a day too. Ideal for lunchboxes, grabbing on the go and refuelling between meals!

Whilst these are a great gluten free snack, they are also wheat and dairy with no added sugar, unfortunately none of them are nut free, every one of them contains cashew nuts. The main ingredients (in varying quantities) in all of them are dates. cashews and raisins with natural flavouring.

To get the best overall idea I chose a mixed case, which consists of

  • Two of each of our nine flavours – New Rhubarb & Custard and Caffe Mocha as well as firm favourites Cashew Cookie, Cocoa Orange, Ginger Bread, Pecan Pie, Cocoa Mint, Cocoa Delight and Berry Delight
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Supremely simple – , no added sugar or syrups
  • Gluten, wheat, dairy & GM free
  • Just raw fruit & nuts cheerfully smooshed together
  • Many bars count towards your 1 of 5 a day!

I like healthy snack bars and accepted these because they really appealed to me. I have to say I was very surprised as OH has been eating them, and normally healthy eating for him is rich tea biscuits for breakfast instead of custard creams.

The texture, due to the nature of the ingredients is chewy, but they are dry and none sticky to the touch. They are soft to bite through with a very pleasant taste and more importantly no lingering after taste.

mint choc chip bar

My OH liked the rhubarb and custard and the coffee ones best, funnily enough they were the two I didn't like, but I don't like anything coffee flavoured and found the rhubarb one a bit sickly. My favourite had to be the mint choc chip as the minty bits were crunchy and full of flavour with the berry delight in very close second.

These bars cost £14.99 for a box of 18, which equates to 83p each, little more than the average chocolate bar these days, and an awful lot better for you. You can the instant sugar lift from the fruit which is sustained by the nuts. They even do free delivery on all their products, so if you cant find them locally you can send away for them.

Well worth buying, both OH and I enjoyed them and I would buy them again

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  1. I've only ever tried the chocolate orange one but loved it!


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