Thursday, 11 October 2012

Having fun with Hama Beads - a review

We were sent out two sets of hama beads to play with and see what we thought of them.

The first set was more a girly set The Miss Hama Metallic Jewellery Kit which is aimed at 5+ due to the size of the beads. It contains
Showcasing the new metallic range of hama beads, this is an excellent new line for the slightly more grown up and fashion conscious girl. Contains 2440 midi beads in assorted colours including 3 colours of metallic, 60 flower beads (which are, i think, the nicest shaped beads i have ever seen), elastic, instructions, designs and ironing paper. Also contains butterfly heart and hexagon pegboards.

This set was brilliantly set out with all the beads colour sorted into pairs of similar colours ready for using. We struggled to get the cover off of the top spilling some of the beads in the process but nothing that was not easily sorted. Fifi liked this set, she loves girlie pinks and jewellery. She decided she would start with a butterfly but made up her own pattern and colours instead of following the instructions.

The hama beads were a bit fiddly for my fingers but Fifi  managed them fine and her butterfly soon took shape. Once she had finished it I ironed it to make melty beads that all stuck together and once cool removed it from the board. They certainly look much prettier from the front.

Fifi is looking forward to making some pieces of jewellery with this next week as she is into beads and pretty things.

My only mistake here was I ironed it a bit too over enthusiastically I think, as a lot of the beads had started to melt through further than they needed to. I also left the design on the backing board until it was cold, and therefore needed to gently prise it off with a butter knife working my way round the edge so as not to break it.

After tea Fifi decided she would have a go with a more challenging design from the second set we were sent - The Pirate Island Hama bead kit

This again is designed at age 5+ but Bob found, as with a lot of things like this, he does not have the dexterity to do it. The major difference we noticed here was that all the beads were just in a bag, all colours muddles together so you had to spend some time sorting out the colours you wanted. Fifi said this made it more fun.

concentrating - never sits on her bum
Fifi found this one more challenging as you are working on a square board and having to count out and carefully position the beads, with the first set you were just filling a pre-defined shape, This one reminds me very much of cross stitching.

Fifi at nine years old said she preferred the challenge that this offered, she had to think a bit more and found it was more mentally stimulating.

This one I ironed for less time and removed from the board whilst still warm, as per the instructions, and it came off much easier than the butterfly.

the completed pirate island

Hama beads come in different sizes as well as the midi hama beads we received you have  My First Hama Beads, or Maxi Beads which are roughly the size of the end of an adults little finger. They are a chunky plastic Hama Bead suitable for ages 3+ and can be used for patterning on transparent boards which are placed directly over a pattern.

You also get Mini Hama Beads are SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than the Midi Hama Beads most commonly found in the shops. They are suitable for card toppers, scrap booking, delicate decorations and window displays and for following cross stitch charts. A full range of Mini Bead colours is available and the beads require the specialist Mini Hama Pegboards are also sold by CraftMerrily.

Mini Hama Beads are a wonderful medium to adapt cross stitch patterns into bead patterns and pictures. The themed Mini Bead Kits are a great way to get started and try out this Hama Bead craft for older children and adults. Mini Beads are most suited to age 10+

Fifi and I were searching the net to see if we could come up with some different ways of using the beads, and came across these ideas.

Melting them to make a bowl

an acorn from autumnal fun
We found these fab autumn craft ideas , brilliant for this time of year with all the changes happening in nature, and more autumnal fun that I think I could get Bob to join in with next week as there is no right or wrong here, just limited by his imagination. 

We received the two boxes of Hama beads in return for a review, the fun we had and the results we achieved were all our own doing and not influenced by this. 

This beads make an ideal present, offer fun that is only limited by the childs imagination. You can buy accessories such as refill packs, or extra boards, and even books to enhance your childs enjoyment. 

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