Sunday, 7 October 2012

Project 366 280/366

Well this is as good as it gets for Saturday, not even posted on Saturday either more to the point. Was barely out of my bed on Saturday, every bone in my body aches, my ear is killing me, and I feel like sh*te. Was at the dentist on Tuesday as they wanted to replace some of my fillings, I had no pain or discomfort so no idea why, was suppose to be two getting done, and he did six instead.

Top right hand side of my mouth  is SORE, can feel where he put the injections in and it hurts to chew. Not sure if it is the tooth that is sore or the injection sites round it, he put four in each side at top and none at the bottom, but other side is fine, no pain, discomfort or anything. So I am feeling rather sorry for myself.

Normal service will resume shortly.

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  1. Oh you poor thing, no wonder you're not on form lately. I have my head buried in the sand with regards to my teeth, as one of them has falled apart lately and is currently patched together temporarily with bits of filling! Not good!

    Thanks for linking up, sorry I bullied you :-)


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