Thursday, 11 October 2012

Project 366 285/366

I picked up Fifi from school today as Bob had a hospital appointment and his mummy cannot be in two places at once. Have to laugh as if her mum went to school to pick her up she would be mortified, but gets very excited at the idea of me picking her up.

When we got back here  asked her if she wanted to help me make tea. So she cut up the leeks whilst I cut up the sweet potatoes and carrots and then peeled the pumpkin. We then started talking about a pumpkin, and how it looks similar to a melon etc. I laid the chunk of pumpkin down to cut it up and we decided it look like veins running round it.

We cut it to look crudely like a hand, and Fifi said it was to be the photo of the day, not sure if that is to make sure it was not her that was the subject instead,

one veiny stumpy hand shape complete with veins. 

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