Friday, 12 October 2012

Bob having fun with Master Moves Mickey

We were sent a Master moves Mickey to make a vlog of Bob enjoying interacting with it, which I have done and sent off to Fisher Price who supplied us with him.

But I must admit we were in hysterics at Bob playing with it and thought we would share it with you, as with Christmas coming up I think any 2-5 year old would have great fun with this. It has been passed on to a friends granddaughter who will be two just after Christmas as she will get more use out of it than we will.

So here is Bob having fun with Mickey. I love the way he tries to stand on his head.

The funkiest mouse in the house just got even cooler…
Show us YOUR moves with Master Moves Mickey!

Master Moves Mickey is taking it to a whole new level this Christmas! Known as M3, Mickey is dialled up in his freshest dance gear and ready to tear up the dancefloor!

Check out Mickey’s moves including the Grove Copter and his awesome signature handstand, the Windmill! How does he do it?! With moves that are hotter and hipper than ever, it’s time to throw down a few of your own or learn from the pro!

Master Moves Mickey has 15 moves and 8 original songs, plus plenty of humour and interactive dances to get the whole family up and dancing!

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