Saturday, 20 October 2012

Project 366 294/366

I am doggy sitting again today, but at least time I was asked in advance and had chance to agree. I went through to the kitchen to make tea, and when I turn round there he was sitting patiently waiting, not sure what for, but waiting none the less.

He has had his tablets, been for a walk, and is now settled down at the end of the couch.


  1. aww bless him, my daughter really wants a doggie, she would love to dog sit him.

    1. I'll let her know and you can maybe have him for a week!!. He is great with kids, gets hauled at by Bob all the time. He is hairy and leave a layer on the carpet for you.

  2. Lovely shot. He's looking very patient!

  3. I wish I had a dog to sit on! Waiting for food no doubt, that's typical labrador behaviour for sure! :O)


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