Friday, 4 January 2013

Baking with Jordans country crisp

I was sent a box of Jordans Super berry country crisp to see what we thought of them.


Baked with all the goodness of British wholegrain oats and generously mixed with Blackcurrants, Cranberries and Blueberries our Country Crisp clusters stay crunchy to the last bite.
  • No artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Non GM
  • No added salt
  • High in fibre

I was impressed with just how many berries there seemed to be, every bowlful had ample in. I use yoghurt on my breakfast and they made for a nice fruity flavoursome bowlful. As they are clusters, well some of the box were, they make a great snack just to pick at dry as well. 

I decided to use some of them in two simple recipes

Truffle clusters

Melt 100g bar of Kinnerton Chocolate
with 1/2 tub Alpro soya cream

Once the chocolate has melted stir through enough clusters to make a good consistency.

Spread into a lined rectangular cake tin and once cool remove and cut into squares.

Make for a nice dairy free snack.

Apple and Banana upside down crisp cake

Peel and slice three small eating apples and two bananas and place into a baking tin.
Make a sponge cake mix using 3oz margarine, 3 oz sugar, 2 eggs, 6 oz flour and stir in some clusters.
Pour cake mix on top of fruit and cook for approx 25 mins at 160 0C

Leave to cool in tin and then turn out.

This add a crunch to the sponge mix and just makes it that bit different. Serve with Alpro soya cream or custard.

I was supplied with a box of cereal for the review, but the recipes and findings are my own.

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