Thursday, 31 January 2013

Can you afford to be without?

Life happens, and some of it is beyond our control. Most of us are feeling the pinch in one way or another and trying to cut corners where we can. You can go from "best" food in the supermarket, down to name brands, and from there to "own brands" and still eat healthy and nutritionally without noticing a huge difference in most foods. 

So much is going up, and I for one have not had a pay rise for three years now, I am at the top of the pay scale for my level of job, and as we are not even getting a rate of inflation rise then some where along the line something needs to give. 

I now do fewer miles in the car, pretty much essential mileage only. The heating is turned down a degree or two and I took nearly 25% off my heating bills last year. I don't drink and I don't smoke, we rarely have a takeaway and all food is made from scratch. 

But there are a few items that some would not consider essential but I do. One of these for me is house insurance. I have been the victim of a burglary before, lost a lot of electrical goods and the children's game consoles as well as my CD collection. That was a laugh, I had a rack nearly full, nearly a hundred CD's and the insurance company asked me to name them so they could replace them. Name them? Off the top of my head? I toddled off to Woolworths as it was at the time and went through their collection picking the ones I wanted, yes a lot of them I did have, some of the ones I had were no longer available. In the end they gave me the cash for them instead of replacing them so I picked what I wanted anyway. 

I also remember the day hubby decided the inside of our lights needed a wash, along with our kitchen ceiling, the inside of a lot of the kitchen cupboards and the inside of the microwave. He had gone upstairs to run some water in the bath as we had had a note from the water board to say we were being switched off for twelve hrs. 

I finished making the tea and dished it up, we ate tea and then hubby took the plates through to the kitchen. Squelch wasn't in it, the idiot had left the tap on.  It even got inside my microwave and my tumble dryer, talk about mess. We placed buckets and bowls under the lights and used approx forty towels to mop up with. It was not only in the kitchen but in the bathroom, across the top landing and half way down the stairs.  I shall not tell you what I called him....I will leave that bit to your imagination. 

Burglary and accidents can not be predicted, but you can compare the deals you can get with home insurance comparison. This lets you look at excesses, clauses, what is actually covered, levels of cover etc and decide what is good value for you and your home. With insurance of any kind cheapest may not always be the best. Insurance for me is peace of mind.

This is a sponsored post, but the words and sentiments are all my own. 


  1. we had insurance on everything! even our life.

    1. I have hospital and accidental death ( as well as the normal ones) but no life insurance as premiums are too high with me having underlying medical conditions


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