Thursday, 17 January 2013

Project 365 17th January

Gosh is it really thirty years sine Breakfast Time started.  Breakfast Time, gosh how the world has changed, some of the quotes about it

Richard Ingrams writing in The Spectator said: "There is no earthly reason why anyone of intelligence should want to watch it."

Hmmm that quote could aptly fit to most day time tv programmes today as well.

Thirty years ago, Daughter No1 was coming up on her 4th birthday, daughter No2 was 2 1/2, we were living in Bo'ness at the time, and I did not see much of it as we did the playgroup run so was busy getting ready. It was a lot more upmarket in those days when news was for posh people.


  1. Times were so different then .. but in some ways the same what with the news about politics, unemployment and the weather .. some times never change its just our preception of them!

    1. No it was quite ironic that the themes they went over were the same as todays problems, yes the good old days maybe were not such good old days after all


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