Thursday, 31 January 2013

Trying out black rice and red rice

I have always been a lover of rice, be that as  a main course either hot or cold, or as a sweet. For main courses I have always preferred brown rice to white, it has more texture, flavour and nutrition. I have to admit though in all my years I have never heard of black rice or red rice.

Black rice 

Whole Organic Black Rice

  • Creamy in texture, nutty in flavour.
  • High in fibre, anthocyanin antioxidants, minerals and amino acids.
  • Non-glutinous.
  • Cooks in less than half an hour & turns deep purple in colour.
Black rice is also known as "Forbidden Rice", as in ancient China it was considered only suitable for Emperors to eat and as a result peasants were litterally forbidden from eating it. Research has shown that black rice contains more anthocyanin antioxidants than blueberries, vitamin E without the sugar content.

Black rice risotto 

Heat 1 oz rice bran oil in a pan.
even the peas are purple. 
add  a chopped onion and a chopped pepper and fry for 2 mins  
(Add any spices or flavourings of your personal choice now)
Add 75g black rice and fry off for 5 mins.
Add 225 ml of ham stock slowly one ladelful at a time until most of the stock is absorbed, this will take 20-25 mins.
Add half a cup of garden peas.
Put lid on pan and leave to simmer gently for 5 mins, then remove from heat and leaving lid on pan leave to stand for another 10 mins for all stock to be fully absorbed.

I stirred in 6 oz cooked gammon during the final ten minutes

It cooks up more purple than black. Texture very like brown rice, and had totally absorbed the flavour of the stock.

Red rice is a variety of rice with bran that's red, maroon or purple in color. The manufacturer 
only removes the outer husk of the rice grain in the milling process, while leaving the bran. You  
typically soak red rice in water before cooking it in order to make the rice softer. Red rice is 
generally high in starch, like other types of rice.

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Red rice vanilla rice pudding

Bring 750ml of alpro soya vanilla milk to the boil ( you can use normal milk and vanilla extract)
add 50g coconut sugar
1 teapsoon nutmeg
and stir in 125g red rice
and a handful of mixed dried fruit

Simmer for 35 mins. I served mine with peach slices.

This made a very nice pudding, and is equally as nice cold as warm.

I will be making more meals with the remaining rice as I enjoyed these very much.

The linked items were supplied by Healthy Supplies, but the recipes and ideas are all my own making.


  1. I really am in awe of your creativity in the kitchen! I had never heard of black rice or red rice either. Where can you buy it from? xx

  2. I've never heard of black or red rice either - I though paella rice was exotic enough lol. Thanks for linking up and sharing x


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