Thursday, 10 January 2013

Fig and Melon Irish barm brack.

I have always been a lover of an Irish Barm brack, you can find my recipe here . But I was reading a recipe for no added sugar flapjacks on my friend Helen's blog last night and my little brain started working overtime, could I use the idea and adapt my recipe?

So I raked through my cupboards to see what ingredients I had adapted my recipe to suit what we had.

Firstly I soaked 12  dried figs and 25g dried melon but I soaked them in tea over night.

the mushed figs and melon
In a separate jug I soaked the mixed vine fruits also in tea overnight.

This morning I blended the figs and melon in the tea and placed in a bowl. Added the vine fruits and the tea they were in. Next I added some chopped brazil nuts.
 Having mushed up the soaked dried fruit I am omitting the sugar as I am using them as a sugar substitute.

 Next I added 5oz rye flour and 5 oz coconut flour and 1/2 oz of wheat bran to keep it I used these not only because they are gluten free but also because they are
 Low GI - Assists blood sugar regulation and helps lower cholesterol..

This still makes for a very sloppy mix, if need  be add some cold water to make soppy.

Cook for approx an hr at 140 oC

Makes a very moist cake that is ideal for snacking, using in packed lunches and makes a pleasant change from all the fatty, creamy, chocolaty stuff people have been eating for the last few weeks.

The linked items were supplied by Healthy Supplies, but the recipes and ideas are my own.


  1. I'm loving your way of thinking! Did they taste good? sweet enough? I was surprised how sweet my flapjacks tasted...obviously not as good as the real thing but a lot healthier!
    Thanks for the mention.

  2. Yes it did taste good, more than sweet enough, you would not know there was no added sugar, just the pure fruit sugar was more than enough.


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