Monday, 21 January 2013

Joe Browns Review

I was recently asked to look at a website called Joe Browns and pick an item I would like to do a review on.

 First up  - Who are Joe Browns?

Joe Browns is a true lifestyle company, which was started to offer something more exciting and more individual than the other clothing catalogues in the UK Рit's a state of mind, for those that enjoy life and want to live a bit, and although it's a clich̩, we feel the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.
The business continues to grow and long may it continue - over 900,000 customers can't be wrong!
 As most of the country have snow at the moment, and for those of us without cold winds and rain I decided to look at their winter jackets. I have been looking round the shops for a long, heavy padded coat to use when walking but have not managed to find one that fitted my criteria, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a parka . Its description is

Climbing a mountain or trekking to the pub? This parka will serve you well. The big pockets, tough quilt lining and a roll away hood are standard issue.
65% Cotton, 35% Polyester

Ok so technically it is a mans jacket but to me it it looks plenty unisex  and it fits the criteria I was looking for.

I have used this jacket twice for walks so far, once when cold and dry and once when drizzly white stuff that had the cheek to call itself snow was coming down. The hood comes out easily and both  myself and the jacket were still dry when we got home, the water sits on top of it rather than soaks in. It is a large made jacket but that gives the leeway of adding an extra layer or two under it for really cold weather.

The two large pockets on the front easily carried my purse, my phone, my digital camera (never leave home without it) the car keys and two canvas shopping bags while I trailed round the market, I hate handbags so for me pockets are needed. The pockets are very deep so no chance of losing items out of them. They also have double flaps on so they do not fill up with water in the rain.  The sleeves have pop studs on to make them tighter fitting if need be. Inside the jacket at waist level is a drawstring and bobbles to stop the drafts from howling. The zip works both up the way and down the way, so if you have the jacket done up and you want to sit in the car or on the bus the jacket can be unzipped from the bottom.  The biggest thing that I like is it is  washable. I imagine I will need to wash it in special liquid but it is readily available.

They sell a wide variety of mens and woman clothing, from hooded tees, to brogues, 50's dresses to capes, hats and gloves to jewellery. Items for all tastes across a good age range and good choice in sizes.

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  1. That looks like the sort of coat I need for working outside


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