Monday, 18 February 2013

An afternoon on the beach

The weather here to day was a balmy 9oC, warm, sunny and wind free, and so as Bob was dropped off early enough for his mum to get back home for Fifi at 3oclock, we decided to make the most of it. We went to the beach, yes you read me right the beach, it was lovely, and we had a great time.

First of all we watched a big shipping loading with coal

We looked for seals in the harbour, we couldnt see any but Bob learnt that they come into the harbour to eat the fish.

We went up to the lighthouse, which Bob knew shines a light in the dark, but he learnt about the light helping to guide the ships into and out of the dock safely so they did not hit the rocks.

we climbed, jumped and played at being Usain Bolt.

We chained him up

he interacted with the other chains

he helped hold up The Watchful (bit of history on it here)

 We were artistic

Bob played for over an hour on the beach with a stick

and on the way back to the car we looked for the troll

but he must have been away for his teas as he did not eat granddad. 

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