Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bob made banana jelly tot cakes

As Fifi did not stay last night there was no rush to get Bob back home. So we decided to make cakes as part of his lunch. We are still working on soya free and did not have any oat milk so that ruled pancakes out so we made cakes.

Bob got a banana and I asked him to peel it, and funnily enough as he ( like me and his mum) can not actually eat them raw he has never peeled one before, so today I showed him how to peel a banana. The simplest of tasks for some.


Soak 1 heaped teaspoon of egg replacer in 6 teaspoons water.

Add to 2 oz flora cuisine and 2 oz coconut sugar

add 1/2 mashed banana

and four ounces gluten free self raising flour

Bob then added a spoonful of mixture into the mini cake maker, added 3 or 4 jelly tots to each and then topped up. Cook for 5 or 6 mins in mini cake maker 

These turned out very light and delicious, and never even got chance to go cold. Even granddad ate two of them, an that is praise indeed for a cake with everything misses as he calls them.

The highlighted item were supplied by Healthy Supplies but the recipe ideas are my own.

Crazy with Twins


  1. I really feel for you having so many food intolerances. It must be awful. How cute putting jelly tots in cakes! A nice little fruity surprise!

    thanks for Linking up to #CookitBlogit xx

  2. They look great - I've tried adding lots of chocolatey based sweets to cakes but never thought about jelly tots x x


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