Thursday, 7 February 2013

Haggis Spring Rolls

I decided to spend the afternoon making a mess  yummy things to eat.

First off I made

Haggis Spring rolls

I fried off some beansprouts, a diced onion, sliced peppers and a carrot sliced with the potato peeler. Once cooked I added soy sauce and left it to sit for a while to pick up flavours.

I bought some Filo pastry sheets to use.

oiled the pastry sheets with flora cuisine and a pastry brush and then topped with the beansprout mix and crumbled some haggis on as well.

Roll up into a spring roll or could could shape into a parcel shape.

Cook for 8-12 mins until the pastry is cooked and brown.

I served them with more of the beansprout mix to which I had added some cous cous and a few potatoes.

Whilst I was using the filo pastry I wrapped some rolos into a roll. It made for a nice chewy treat once it had cooled.


  1. Oooh sounds interesting ! I love the Rolos idea - like a healthier version of a deep-fried Mars Bar !! :)


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