Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Gallery - Girls

I saw the theme that Tara set on Sticky Fingers and I had to join in.

Girls - there is eighteen months between my first born two girls. We had a standing family joke that the only thing they ever had in common was they hated each other.

You never really got to many pictures of them together as they were never overly keen on being near each other, but on this occasion Daughter No2 butted in and they were both laughing.


  1. Great photo and I know what you mean about warring siblings. There's 18 months between my sister and I and we were always falling out. Now though we're really close and though she drives me crazy at times, I love her dearly.

  2. They look very cheeky on this picture! lol

  3. Lovely picture there's 22mths between my eldest and youngest set and the elder two don't stop fighting ATM I sympathise entirely with the 'all they have in common' sentiment xx


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