Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Bob and I went out with the cameras again

Bob is loving this Christmas present of his. Not only is he taking me pictures of the twins for me on a daily basis some usable some not he likes to get out and about with it as well. I phoned earlier to see if he wanted to come out with me....he didn't get a choice his mum shouted from the background "yes he would love to go".

So today him, granddad and I went to the Ayr Gorge walk again. It allows me to give him some freedom with the camera but also giving him some hints and tips as we go along. His worse habit currently is zooming in waaaay to far, but none of us are perfect. So here I will share Bob's pictures with you.

I think he did an excellent job.

We decided to go out today and get his new wellies muddy.

What better place than a gorge walk after the weather we have had?

The start of the walk



the river from the bridge

the new sign posts

about the wildlife

the waterfall

the end of the trail

the cove at the end of the trail

the rocks at the cove

the sign telling him he could not go any further

the steps at the cove, no longer safe or useable

me photographing the waterfall

he says it looked like a wiggly snake

look how high we climbed, we started at river level

half way along the track

leaping about like "spider man"

up the steps to the top

taking his river picture from the bridge

photographing his "snake"

Bob being Bob

We had a lot of fun, were out for well over an hour, enjoyed each others company and had a learning curve on his camera. 

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  1. What a adventurous walk in such picturesque surroundings. Bob is doing very well with his new camera and taking some great photos. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. Wow that looks like such a beautiful place!

  3. Good job with those photos. I am defnitely going to get a camera for my wee man one day. Looks great...might head that way one day!

  4. What a great outing! Lovely photos!

  5. Loving those new wellies! Looks like a great place for a walk and snapping along the way #CountryKids


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