Friday, 3 January 2014

High Tide in Ayr today

This will be of little interest to most of you, but its a reminder of the things that happen to me and that I add to my blog for historical interest.

I had to go the dentist today, and boy was it windy. I needed to go shopping after the dentist and as we were heading past the beach we went for a wee divert round.

These pictures and videos were taken two hours before high tide.

I may point out, as you will see from one of the photos, we stayed out of immediate danger, I did not fancy being known as "the woman who blew into Ayr dock and drowned" just for the sake of a better picture.

Have to say on the first video I took there is a grandfather comes off the beach and walks across my video, followed a few seconds later by what I take to be his grandson, he followed a few seconds later and walked off together they had been walking their dog.

beating against the wall

battering over the pier

along the pier

the debris floating on top of the waves

me taking photos, stood safely behind the wall

battering the wall on the road
nice waves

They have taken away the old rusty lighthouse from the end of the pier. A lighthouse I have photographed and shared on here in the past. We have fished from the end of the pier as well but that appears to be all fenced off now. We will go and look one calmer day and photograph the changes.

Things change, but blogs are a great way of remembering things how they use to be.

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