Saturday, 11 January 2014

Project 365 5th- 11th Jan 2014

Well we are in to week two, the photo opportunities have been many and varied this week and I have had to choose which pictures to use as I feel I had more than one decent picture theme on most days. Some weeks I struggle to have one picture on some days, not sure which is worse really.


A walk along the river. This follows on from the storms we have had. This is the debris built up at the bridge just past the dam. Guess it must be the way the water flows as this is the only pillar with debris attached. The river was touching the bottom of this bridge the other week, masses of cubic feet of water.

debris piled high


Went for another look at the beach, I find a storm on a beach quite therapeutic in a weird sort of way. This man along with others was making the most of the storms of the previous week and filling his trailer with free wood. If you have a zoom in to the picture, the wood has just left his hands as he was throwing it up onto the road side. It was still a very stormy day, you can see the sea battering over the wall behind him if you look.

collecting free firewood


The remains of breakfast in bed, brought to me by my dear hubby. Hard to think that we have been together for twenty years this week. Daughter No1 reminded me that this is more than half her life. For daughter No 3 it is four fifths of her life. Some days it seems a lot longer other weeks it seems no time.

breakfast in bed


Walking along the river path and over the bridge. I spotted all the padlocks and said to hubby " I wonder why people put padlocks up?" so he informed me people put messages on them. I never knew that but here are two put up by the same people.

padlocks hold messages


Never got Bob till nearly six tonight as he had his annual appointment with the allergy specialist and the dietician. Bob is now officially  labelled as  "malnourished". He has always been labelled as "failing to thrive" but this is one step beyond that. He has not grown at all in the last twelve months, and only grew one centimetre the year before, he is now twenty five cms smaller than he should be. He has also lost half a kilo in the last year, not a lot in itself but must be something causing it.  They are thinking internal damage stopping the nutrition from his food being absorbed. He has now to be fed a high fat/high carb diet. He also saw the dietician who tells my daughter she has no advice for her (again). If the experts cant work it out how are the parents suppose to? My daughter feels really bad about this but then its not her fault.

we were playing 3D ludo

The twins now go to toddlers on a Friday morning, only because my daughter runs the toddler group. Here is Dinky with one of the mums. The twins were away for their hip scans today as they were born breech by section, thankfully all is well with both of them.

Dinky is quite happy to be cuddled. 


Last week I was amused by the bear on Casualty that was sitting under a spot light with a pair of sun glasses on. So here is hubby's version of that. These bears sit half way up the stairs with the floor lamp on the right.

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  1. love your photos, the ones by the water are very dramatic and cold looking ! Thinking of Bob, hope his high carb diet helps

    1. it was freezing on Monday, adn I went and took more splashing over the wall pics and ended up soaked through to the knickers!!!

  2. Congrats on twenty years. That's a lot of debris on the beach

  3. So much devastation from these storms. Looks like its lovely without all the debris. That sea is looking a bit angry still. Great to see those padlocks with messages though. Well done on 20 years, that's amazing :)

  4. Hi, have just found your blog through the Project 365 linky. Amazing 'After the storm' photos, scary really what it can churn up!
    Where are the padlocks? I've never seen that before...! Lovely pictures, have followed you on Twitter etc. Looking forward to next weeks!

  5. The weather has been so violent hasn't it, we've had Oxford under water - amazing #365

  6. Happy Anniversary. Some great captures of the effects of the storm...mother nature has been pretty harsh with some this year.

  7. Those storms have been vicious! Not seen padlocks with messages before, lovely. Well done on 20 years too

  8. Dinky looks so alert and relaxed in that photo!
    what a lot of debris piled up - that was a good capture. and well done on being togther almost 20 years with hubby x x

  9. an eventful week and much storm clearing by the looks of things

  10. Aww what a really lovely thing to do with those padlocks i had never heard of this either but i love it x

  11. It is so frustrating to have a child with issues for which there seems no reasonable explanation. I hope the diet helps

  12. The twins are growing so fast - doesn't seem 5 minutes since you posted the photo of them newborn!

  13. The padlocks are wonderful! I hope the diet for Bob helps and they keep looking for the cause

  14. I love the padlocks, there is huge fence in Puerto Del Carmen full of them, we added our own. #project365

  15. Wow, the debris is really dramatic. Love the padlocks too, and really hope the new diet helps Bob.

  16. what a busy week. gorgeous baby x

  17. Love your teddy bears - just the sort of thing my youngest would do too - she loves her teddys!

  18. That is a lot of debris!!! Those padlocks are a lovely idea! Sorry to hear Bob has been labelled as malnourished...hope they get to the bottom of it for you x

  19. What a great mix of photographs! Love the after the storm ones. I too have never heard of padlocks with messages on! Look forward to seeing what you have been up to this week.

  20. Aww twenty years is amazing, congratulations! I hope Bob's new diet works and that someone has some helpful advice soon x

  21. Gosh that must be a real worry with Bob and his weight, I hope a the diet helps him. The twins have grown already!! I love the padlocks, such a lovely idea.

  22. I hope the twins' hips are ok? Poor Bob, he sounds like he's really struggling and your poor daughter must feel dreadful. I can't believe the amount of debris on the beach and from the flooding.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  23. The storm photos are great, though I bet it was scary at the time. Love the bears with sunglasses.


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