Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hard of hearing? Looking to hear your tv without disturbing the neighbours?

the headphones 

Some products you just want to try out, and when I saw a pair of tv ears I really wanted to try them. OH is aware of how thin the wall is between us and next door from the noise we get through, and with me starting to get hard of hearing as well as suffering from tinnitus,  we did not want to disturb them with our tv. We do have a pair of bulky over ear headphones but I have to say I dont like them, So I asked the nice people if I could try them out in exchange for a review.

OH has written the review for me as he uses them more than I do. 

After having used TV Ears for a few weeks now I am now in a position to offer a fair balanced review on the product.
The set was delivered quickly and came well packaged complete with batteries and instruction booklet and various cables for attachment to our TV. Setting it up was fairly straight forward although we could not get  the sound to work in synch with the picture through the supplied scart socket attachment, fortunately I had an audio lead that allowed me to take it from the TV’s audio output socket, it may be worth checking compatibility with you TV before purchasing.

First impressions of the headphone unit seemed to be rather flimsy, which obviously helps to keep the weight down, quite important when wearing for long periods, after having used it for a while though it is more than robust enough for every day use for long periods of time.

the charger unit
The charging/ transmitter unit is fairly small as can bee seen against the DVD’s in the photographs and sits unobtrusively on our TV unit, the bank of LED’s could be quite annoying in your constant line of sight but easily remedied by facing the unit away from you. The charging unit is capable of charging 2 pairs of headphones which is quite handy if there are two people in the house needing to use them, a second pair of headphones can be purchased easily. We will need to invest in a second set to save arguments. The unit charges fairly quickly.

The headphones are light and fairly comfortable to wear for extended periods. The volume is more than adequate for even the hardest of hearing people. On the downside the sound is not in stereo which I found rather annoying and the tone control appears to does absolutely nothing. I  also find being infra red rather than RF you have to be in line of sight with the transmitter unit,  not handy if you like to wander around the house listening to the radio etc. 

You can easily get a full days listening on a single charge (around 8 hours or so) so that is more than adequate.

the row of led's highlighted
Final summary is that the product does exactly as it says, it is more than capable of enhancing the listening pleasure of those of us who are hard of hearing, RF and stereo capabilities would have been an added bonus but it does the job more than adequately

I would recommend the product to anyone who requires hearing enhancement for watching TV or listening to the radio.

My footnote - I have to say the lack of stereo did not bother me but I don't use them to listen to the radio or music stations as my husband does. I hear a lot more of what is going on with them on and feel I have been missing some of the enjoyment of tv before I wore them. 

These are readily available on British web sites. 

Disclaimer - we were sent a pair of headphones to see what we thought of them, but are findings remain honest. 

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