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Moments that matter from 2013

I have always blogged to leave behind memories, happy times that the children and grandchildren can look back on with fondness. You get few precious years to do this. Memories are about the fun times, the little things we do together. I still remember with much fondness going shopping with my gran on a Saturday afternoon, walking all the way to the supermarket, singing silly songs, and talking, really being listened too. Stopping off at Great Aunt Elsie's house for tea, she had a large white poodle, and then granddad would come and pick us up in the car to take us and the shopping home, the only day of the week the car came out of the garage. I dont really remember the presents and the money spent, I remember the fun times, playing games, having a bath in the kitchen in front of the aga (yes yes I am that old!!)  using the outside toilet and picking all the home grown and making jam and pies with it.

So when I was asked did I want to join in with LLoyds Bank "Moments that Matter" I thought it was very appropriate, so how could I say no?

So I give you my collage, some of my moments that matter from 2013;

In order they are;

Playing on the beach in February. It was an unnaturally warm sunny afternoon for the time of year and we were down doing "beach art" and generally having lots of fun.

Gruffalo Hunting down at the cottage, we had been all through the woods and across the fields, we caught sight of the back of a couple of them but never managed to catch up with any.

Playing at being a reindeer, with the antlers as we marched through the fields.

Wondering where the steps went to? What is at the top? Well we had to go and find out, lots of fun can be had exploring the countryside.

This is certainly one of our major moments of 2013, letting Bob loose with a camera. Because of this defining moment he ended up with one for his Christmas. I have really got him hooked on taking photographs and he loves to "be like grandma" and take photographs for "the log" as he likes to call it.

This is about typical of Fifi, just like I was at that age, loves to be a tomboy and is always climbing and jumping and being anything but ladylike. Who knows maybe in the next year or two as she becomes a teen she may change. Then we can look back on this time and remember the tom boy that was, jumping off large piles of rocks at the fishery. Those rocks are gone now I noticed last time I walked round.

This is the children having fun, playing together nicely as they do on occasion  at the play park where the caravan park is. They spent hrs using their imagination, playing pirates and sharks, climbing, running and swinging. They like exploring in the woods and paddling in the stream up there.

This was our first explore up the Ayr Gorge Walk, we walked to the end of the earth, gruffalo hunted and took a picnic with us. We walked and ran and explored, looking for beasties in the undergrowth and fish in the river. We have been back since because it is so much fun.

They love coming for walks round the fishery, we take the cameras and photograph the ponds and the flowers and the birds. At times the camera just gets put in my pocket and they dash around and play about and generally behave like children.

Now this has to be the highlight of my blogging year, the day they waited over five months for, the day their baby brother and sister were born. I went from two grandchildren to four. Thus is their first meeting with them, the first time they set eyes on them. A very momentous occasion.

This is another first, the twins first Christmas. While my daughter had been in hospital having them I had had the children making Christmas decorations with Happy 1st Christmas written on them. The twins were not aware of it but the older two were over the moon that Santa knew about them and did not leave them out.

What better to round of our year of memories than these two, holding hands in the pram. Two months old already, and you can see the size difference in them. They are now smiling and beginning to babble. I know these two will be regulars on my blog and I hope you all look forward to watching them grow and change and become interesting little people.

Every one of theses has been incorporated into a blog post, and Bob in particular talks about doing things, so from my point of view I am making "Moments that matter". What about you?

Disclosure - this is a sponsored post but is my thoughts and memories.

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