Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Little known ways to have a couple’s holiday at Haven

My husband and I are approaching our 30th wedding anniversary and now that our kids are
well and truly grown up with their own families, we can start going on holidays as just the two of us.
But it’s been a while since we’d been on a couple’s holiday and when we were booking a long weekend getaway last March, we decided that a week in the Caribbean was slightly out of our price range. Plus, we’re a slightly more mature couple and don’t want to go anywhere that’s flooded with newlyweds – we’d prefer a more normal holiday destination.
And that’s when we started to think about Haven. Honestly it took my husband Bill a while to come round to the idea. We’d been there before when the kids were youngsters and being the typical grumpy old man that he is, he decided he didn't want to go there because there were ‘too many families’.
Yes, Haven is a popular place for family holidays but I've seen couples there too. In fact, during the early part of the season when the children are still in school, Haven could be a wonderful place for a quiet, romantic couple’s break with all its beautiful scenery and luxury accommodation.
So after much pestering and slowly wearing him down, Bill gave in and let me book a holiday in March with Haven. Here’s how we made it special.

Luxury accommodation
When we’d stayed on holiday parks in the past, we’d only ever gone on camping and caravan holidays. But this time, now that we were only paying for two people instead of five, we decided to treat ourselves to a luxury lodge at Haggerston Castle.
Ours was in a lovely area of the park and wowed us straight away. Once we were inside it didn't feel like a caravan at all – it was more spacious, had a large double bed, flat screen TV and an ultra-modern open plan layout. What’s more, it had large windows looking out onto gorgeous scenery just like this:

Cosy nights in
I know, we have plenty of cosy nights in at home but on holiday you can make it extra special. Plus, we’re both in our fifties so the days when we were out on the town every night are long gone.
On our third night we made use of the lodge’s great cooking facilities to make ourselves a lovely meal and then watched the sun go down with a glass of wine on the veranda. We both really enjoy cooking when we've got the time so it was the perfect end to a relaxing day together.

Romantic walks along the beach
It’s nice to get out and about and although we've never been a particularly sporty couple, we do like going for walks.
That was partly why we chose to go to Haggerston Castle in Northumberland – the county has miles and miles of beautiful coastline, allowing for plenty of long walks along the beach and only 15 minutes away from Holy Island. The most beautiful – and romantic – time to go was at dusk as the sun was setting over the sea.

Pampering ourselves
A good relationship means you’re equally as comfortable together as you are apart. We may have been married for 30 years but that doesn't mean we’re joined at the hip – truth be told we’d drive each other mad if we were together 24/7.
So while for me pampering myself meant a relaxing afternoon at the park’s very own spa, for Bill it meant indulging in a round of golf. Honestly, I don’t mind being a golf widow when there’s a luxury spa complex to keep me occupied.
In fact, the whole trip was just what we needed – time spent together relaxing, enjoying our beautiful surroundings and even spending a little bit of time apart!
Now we’re looking for somewhere to go on a couple’s break this year so let us know if you've ever been anywhere memorable that you think we’d like.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer - this is a guest post

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