Saturday, 18 January 2014

Project 365 12-18th Jan


Had a butternut squash to use up, and a veggie haggis in the fridge. Last time I tried this I made it is the microwave and it didn't work, so this time I did it in a casserole dish with a tiny drop of water and a lid on so it would cook in the steam. Scooped out some of the flesh and layered the haggis with some brie that needed using up. Hubby carved the face for the photograph.


Cant really go a week without including the twins. On Friday they went for their first injections, and the two of them were not happy. Minky was crying here just before he fell over to sleep, Dinky is wide awake. I got my first smile from her today, she has smiled so far for Fifi and Mummy but not Bob or Daddy so Daddy was not to pleased that I got smiles. I was very pleased.


Was a nice day and not managed to get Bob out with his camera for a while. So we went off to the Ayr Gorge walked and went as far as the path takes you. I did a blog post here showing the photographs Bob took. Bob reckoned the big log looked like a wiggly snake.


My friend Samantha had been telling us a few weeks back that they have demolished the old metal lighthouse that stands at the entrance to the harbour. The last few times we have been down it has been far far far to windy to walk along the end of the pier to see. But it was nice today when we were in the town so we went along to see. The bottom half of the new one is in place. The workmen told us that they hope to get the top on (weather permitting) tomorrow. Its nice to photograph the history of your town.


As it was dry when I walked down to get Bob I took his scooter down he got for Christmas. Here he is scooting back up to my house. First time he has used it. Not the clearest photo I have to admit.


Finally got round to booking the car in to get the brakes sorted. Got the garage to drop me where I was going and then as it was a nice day I walked the three miles back to the garage along the shore road. The sea was just flat calm, difficult to see where the sea ended and the sky began, not a breath of wind, it was a very pleasant walk. The photo's I took looked worth taking but didn't come out worth sharing, but the reflection of the flats on the river turned out better.


I won a competition in October last year, part of the prize was a £50 voucher to spend on a ready made food website. Finally managed to get the voucher out of them this week and so I ordered up some stuff. So here is some of what we got. Have to say it is VEEERRRRY expensive, so far the steak pie tasted like any other at a quarter of the price, and the lamb was more bone than meat. For free it was nice enough but I would not pay for it.

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  1. oh poor twins, not nice having jabs :(
    Loving the look of Sundays haggis and Butternut squash looks tasty!

  2. That butternut squash looks might yummy. What great reflections on the sea...such a clear photo.

  3. Love the flats reflected on the river. What a lovely picture!
    I also love young Bob taking photographs. I wish I had started as young as he.

  4. Ohh I love twin pictures, it takes me back. I hope they are feeling well again now. Mich x

  5. that reflection shot is great Elaine and seeing the new lighthosue being errected is very interesting (and maybe a little exciting). Dinky looks bigger than Minky and has a lot more hair too. they are getting so big so fast x

  6. Always nice to get free food even if we wouldn't buy it ourselves

  7. Bob is quite a photographer and I love the one of him on his scooter in the wet there.

  8. The reflection photograph is excellent! The twins are looking so grown-up now.

    Thank you for linking up to Project 365

  9. Arrrr the twins are so small! It seems like such a long time ago since mine were that tiny! They grow too quickly :-( xx

  10. Love the reflections - great perspective. Great to see the twins and Bob getting stuck in too. Fabulous photos :)

  11. It is going to be so lovely watching the twins grow through your pictures this year, they have changed so much already. The reflection shot is amazing and I love the squash, very funny

  12. Butternut squash looks yummy..:)

    Congrats on getting your first smile from Dinky!

  13. Oh such young twins! That is so special :)

  14. Awww the twins are growing up so fast! It is so lovely when you get a first smile!!

    Love that sea picture

  15. The twins are growing so quickly!
    What a shame you were disappointed with the expensive food. I won some 'organic' foods last year and wasn't overly impressed either. Some companies think slapping 'organic', 'farmers market' or other words like that makes it taste better!


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