Thursday, 23 January 2014

Two different Focaccia breads

I won a hamper the other week, part of the contents of which were various different oils. Now I was looking for ideas to use these oils and my friend Helen  who makes wonderful food suggested Focaccia bread.

She sent me a link to Toasted Hazelnut Focaccia which sounded very nice. So I got hubby to bring my bread maker down out the loft and gave it a try. (Dont need a bread maker, this is manageable by hand)It rose well and tastes very nice. I made mine with a wholemeal flour hence the colour.

Now while I had this idea in mind I wondered if I could adapt it to make for Bob. At the moment Bob needs to be eating high fat/calorie foods to try and help him gain weight. So I though something like this that you can pour an oil onto would be ideal.

So I googled for a gluten free recipe and found one here that appealed, and so I set about adapting it. I used rice milk to make it dairy free and egg replacer to make it egg free and grapeseed oil and buckwheat flour.

I made this and rose it once, then knocked it back and added some small pieces of pepperoni and some chopped tomato to add flavour and calories. It struggled to rise a second time, but I left it in the airing cupboard overnight, and cooked it earlier on today. I generously sprinkled it with oil to keep it moist.

The finished result is edible and tasty but slightly heavier than you would expect for this type of bread made normally but on a par with other gluten free breads. Bob will be having some with his tea tonight so I hope he likes it.


  1. your bread looks lovely, can you taste the hazelnut in it? I hope Bob likes his!
    You should try the Paul Hollywood focaccia recipe that I always use is so nice & I can imagine it would be amazing with some hazelnut oil on dipped in some Nutella!! Thanks for the mention


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