Saturday, 13 September 2014

A dream house, well three actually.

I think we all like to dream, and our dreams often change as we grow and mature and I think as an adult that also varies with what stage of life you are at. Twelve years ago we had the opportunity to move into a huge big farm house, it was ideal, with some adult offspring and varying partners still at home it was big enough that everybody had privacy and space. It certainly came into its own when daughter No1 came back home complete with Fifi and Bob and stayed for nine months, but sadly when it got back to just being hubby and I we felt we could not justify rattling round there and moved on.

Anyway back to the hear and now. What would I say my dream home is? Firstly if I had a nice win on the lottery, or Heir Hunters came chapping on my door, it would be off to the Scottish Islands for me. Shetland or thereabouts. A nice remote part of the island. Would have myself a nice 4*4 vehicle to get about, a helipad out the back and pass my licence to enable me to fly back and forth when I felt like it, well the shopping has to get there somehow.

My house would be a modest three bedrooms, big enough for the offspring to visit but not big enough to move back again, two would have en-suites. A nice log/coal burning stove in the main living room. My kitchen would be like something you see on the tv, big, well equipped, all the mod cons, a table at one end, an island in the middle and a nice modern aga to cook on and to keep the kitchen warm. Their would be a utility room for the appliances.

I can but dream

One living room would be adequate, with a fifty inch tv on one of the walls, and I would get sky tv back. I would have a gym round the back with a tv in, and a small covered swimming pool. No I dont want much, but I can dream. I have visions of the good life with various animals and an allotment. Not forgetting I need a fast reliable internet connection.

I asked the two grandchildren what their dream homes would be. Fifi at eleven is going to need a chunk of my lottery win or to find a richer mummy and daddy if she is to get her dream house.

In her own words hers is to have

  • six floors
  • a floral front garden
  • a six acre back garden
Floor 1

a cinema room with a public bathroom. and a massive flat screen tv. this will be big enough to seat twenty five people.

Floor 2

is a single spare bedroom, a public bathroom and a play area for children 

Floor 3

this is your kitchen, dining room, living room and public bathroom

Floor 4

2 master bedrooms, both en-suite and one with  walk in wardrobe. this will have five sections so she can keep her stuff neat and tidy and easily findable.

windows on 5th floor look out the back

Floor 5 

a games room with ipads, computers and x-boxes. It will also have a library a room for playing board games and an entrance to the soft play area. 

Floor 6

PARTY ROOM - pretty much as it sounds. 

The house has a lift at one side and stairs at the other. 

The six acre back garden will be split as follows

acres 1-2 a swimming pool with an opening roof, and one end deep enough to dive in

acres 3-4 stables, big enough for her three horses and three ponies. 

acres 5-6 has a massive hill to run around, a play area and a petting zoo with rabbits and guinea pigs. 

Bob has different ideas to both of us.

Bob's dream house is a tree house. He took his idea from the tv programme Phineas and Ferb.
His tree will have a button that will make it come alive an be able to walk. It has arms and legs.

it will have

  • a kitchen with a table
  • 4 bedrooms
  • a living room with a big tv
  • a bathroom
  • a play area for kids with
  • a sofa bed that sleeps fifteen

Bob's house

in association with Principality Building Society from whom we received a  Draw Your Dream Home craft pack . 


  1. Love your ideas, I would love a swimming pool and a huge kitchen

  2. Hi it is Fifi I am looking at your blog as homework. I thought it would be interesting and it turns out it is interesting. I was looking at this and I forgot to add the lift and finish off a slide oops. Otherwise all is good. 😊


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