Thursday, 25 September 2014

Making Math and English fun.

Education does not have to appear educational, in my book the best form of education is best achieved without it seeming like work. Much more beneficial if it seems like fun. When I was asked to review some Math and English books I looked at the website and then said yes please. 

The books are produced by a company called Skips 

Skips are working with our partners in education and industry to dramatically change the landscape of education in the UK. Empowering parents, teachers and children to embrace the wonder of English literacy and Mathematics numeracy in line with the National Curriculum and in support of classroom lessons.
Skips have combined playing and learning in a series of crossword and math puzzles that are aligned with the National Curriculum and designed to reinforce what children learn in the classroom in a fun and enjoyable way.

Like any form of fun, it is much more enjoyable for the children if their parents get involved with them. These books are designed to encourage that.


The Skips CrossWord Puzzles book actively encourages parent-child interaction, which builds your child’s self-esteem and confidence and allows you to learn together and highlight where your child may need more support.

CrossMaths is a truly enjoyable way to learn about Maths and helps pupils to develop methods that actually mean something to them, forming a lifelong relationship with numbers. By cracking the colour codes they will have so much fun trying to solve the Skips Challenges at the end of each CrossMaths.

Both the children have been using these for a while now and really like them. I think the biggest thing they like is us sitting down and doing them together. It helps to improve their spelling. Bob is home educated and they are a fab resource to add to his portfolio 

Bob filling in the words 
Fifi uses them to reinforce what she is learning in school. I think it is fun to sit down with her and do the maths puzzles together. Be that synonyms or algebra. 

The books are bright and colourful. We found them well set out, easy to understand and interesting to interact with. Once the crosswords have been completed they all have fun boxes at the bottom of the page to transfer your letters or numbers into that provides some interesting facts. They are A4 size and I like the shiny colourful paper they are printed on. They also have the answers in the back in case you are stuck. 

I have found the children set their own pace. This was Bobs first introduction to crosswords but he liked the fact that like every crossword one answer will not fit if you have another answer incorrect. It offers problems in a slightly different format to being written out just as a sum in a straight line, or words in a column, making them appear easier but actually reinforcing what they have been taught previously. 

I really liked these books and feel they are a worthwhile investment. The children both get a great sense of achievement from completing the puzzles, a great boost to self confidence. 

Disclaimer - we were provided with a few books but the opinions and findings are not influenced by that. 

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