Saturday, 6 September 2014

Project 365 week 36 31st Aug - 6th Sept

A mixed week this week, a nice win, a few days away, a day out with Bob,  and some great news on the chicken front. The weather has been dry all week but a definite nip in the air in the evenings.

Sunday 31st Aug

I buy scratch cards on a random basis. This one luckily was a winner. When I get a win like this I pop the card by till we can do something nice as a treat with the money. This one was used to pay for an overnight stay for us during the week, saved a drive back in the dark.

a winning card

Monday 1st September

Went for a walk along the back road this evening, I took  daughter, Bob and the twins with me. As we were walking back the sun was starting to set and I just liked the way it looked through a hole in the hedge when I knelt down. Just a random picture.

sunset through the gap

Tuesday 2nd September 

Today was the reason we bought the chickens. Today we got our first egg, laid by Penny (yes the grandchildren have named them). So far since then up to today ( Sat) we have seven eggs, so more than one of them must be laying. Not be long till they are up to full capacity. 
They have been providing much amusement for the wee dog next door, When we let them out for a run around the garden we keep them over to the right of our garden and he runs up and down the fence, nose pressed to the fence and tail wagging following them and peering through wondering what on earth they are. 

our first egg

Wednesday 3rd September

Today was our day to visit son but it was an evening visit so we decided to make the most of the two days and stay over and do things we don't normally have time to do. So today we went to Stirling Castle. Last time we went it rained and rained and rained, we gave up and left. This time it was dry but hazy so not really great for pretty pictures but at least we got a good look round it.

the great wall of Stirling Castle

Thursday 4th September

Having stayed over night we did a few geocaches in Alloa before we left and then headed for Linlithgow. We decided on a wander round Linlithgow Palace, may as well make the most of our Historic Scotland membership. But first of all we geocached our way round the loch. I use to spend a lot of time here with the oldest two girls when they were young. One of their favourite pastimes was rolling down the hill, they was a fab play park and we often wandered round the loch with them.

The pictures I took of the Palace as we walked round the loch were fairly dull and boring, just no blue skies or sun, But I did get this picture of a moor hen ( on the branch in the middle of the picture) with over hanging trees that is reflected in the water that I liked.

a moor hen reflected in the water

Friday 5th September

I have a white board inside one of my kitchen cupboards, the idea being if something is getting low or run out it is written on here, and then I copy it onto a bit of paper on shopping day and leave it behind on the worktop. 
Left daughter No1 in charge of the chickens while we were away, and came back to find she had written on my board. Last time she did this she had added various items. This was what I came back to this time.

madness that is my daughter

Saturday 6th September

Today there was an Air Show in Ayr, so we decided to go along for a look. There were a lot of stalls on the ground as well as various different planes doing fly bys. We met up with Daughter No3, her OH and Bob for the afternoon. He went inside a plane cockpit, a military police car, took photos of vintage cars, and watched the first half of the display before we wandered and looked about.

Sadly the Lancaster did not fly today as it could not take off due to fog wherever it was based. Suppose to be doing a couple of fly bys tomorrow. We may pop along to plane spotters layby for a look in the morning, though I imagine it will be rather full.

Bob enthralled with the display

So this was my week, what has yours been like?

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  1. I love the sunshine through the hedge, beautiful time of day. How exciting to get your first egg! #365

  2. well done on the win. Hubby bought me a scratchcard randomly this week and we won a fiver which was nice.

  3. sounds like a busy and fun week Elaine, and well done on your win and great idea to put it back until you need to for something. well done to Penny for being your first egg layer and it must be so satisfying having your own fresh eggs. the view from Stirling Castle is impressive x

  4. Sounds a good week. We used to live nextdoor to someone who had a few hens. They were so freerange that we would find them in our garden sometimes. And I've given you a follow on Bloglovin

  5. what a fab idea to put your winnings to one side and then use them for something nice as opposed to them being snaffled with everyday!

    Go you with your first egg!! i am keeping my fingers crossed for you to get lots more soon x

  6. What a fun week Elaine, I love Stirling Castle but we didn't have time to visit this summer trip. Well done on the first egg, how exciting, I would love chickens too but Hubby said no, lol - I am still working on him :)

  7. That was a nice win and a lovely idea to treat yourselves to a night away. I bet that was a nice find to get your first egg, you really can't beat fresh eggs. That sunset is gorgeous.

  8. Sunset through the gap, and Stirling Castle, two of my favorite shots this week! #Project365

  9. So nice to be getting eggs now. I love popping out into the garden for veg, it must be nice to do the same for eggs.

  10. Sounds like a lovely week! I like the scratch card day, I don't think I've ever bought one myself but maybe I'll start!! Loving the egg too, how exciting for the grand kids #project365

  11. Well done on the win and the first egg! :)

  12. Lovely photos, well done on the win. Love the look of the castle.

    If Scotland gain independence will I need a special code to enter this site?

    Have a good week

  13. Well done on the win! :) #project365

  14. Well done on the win and the egg - that must be amazing. Stirling Castle looks interesting too #365

  15. That's a lovely photo of Bob at the airshow. You already know I love that sunset one. And what a good idea to keep the scratchcards for a specific purpose rather than just fritting it away.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  16. I like the sunset through the hedge.
    Woo first egg, my nan would never name our chickens, they were kept for eggs and the occasional sunday roast..


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