Sunday, 7 September 2014

Whats in YOUR suitcase?

I spotted a tweet about a competition being run by The Bloggers' Lounge in conjunction  with European breakdown cover specialists . So I am putting this post together to tell you
‘What’s in my Suitcase’ competition and tell us about the items you couldn’t go on a trip without

Well apart from the the suitcase itself,

what else can I not leave home without?

Well you have the essentials like the clothes but they go without saying. If push comes to shove with these things you can always pick something up on holiday, or wash something through.

Some things are not quite so important as if need be you could buy them if you forget them, things like;

But I would hate to forget

my electric toothbrush cos a manual one does not cut it for me

my mp3 player with my audiobooks on as with having tinnitus I cannot sleep without something to distract me from the noise.

not to mention my tablets and inhalers

As well as my suitcase for me just as importantly is my rucksack. In this rucksack is my GPS machine along with all the other bits and pieces I need to go geocaching. You cant have a holiday without geocaching!!

A blogger would not be a blogger without taking a camera with them. So my camera, case and spare battery is a must.

Lastly for me an item I take but don't always get time to use is my notebook. I do not have a phone capable of doing much other than making phone calls and text messages and if I can get access to a few wi-fi hot spots during my time away it saves coming back to zillions of e-mails.

So this is what I take away on holiday - what about you?

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  1. I think you and i are more alike than i though, i would have all those things too .. but different meds! :-)

    good luck in the comp lovely x


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