Thursday, 18 September 2014

My dream garden for my dream house.

Last week I told you about my dream house. Once I have won the lottery and moved  into my new home I would like to spend significant amounts of time in my garden, not only to have the good life in but also to spend leisure time in.  

So what would I like to put in my garden? Been doing a bit of  imaginary shopping and making up an imaginary shopping list.

First of all I would consider a Summerhouse, well it is a Scottish Island I am planning on retiring to and it does rain most years quite a bit.

 No point having a summer house without furniture to sit on to while away my hours, this looks ideal

There hopefully will be plenty of time to enjoy the garden, and what better than an area of decking?
Of course we will need weatherproof furniture for on the decking what do you think of this?

Where I am planning on going neighbours will not be a problem, but to use as wind breaks as well as to section off areas of the garden  I will need fence panels.

Now we have this vast area outdoors to sit in, what would be better than a barbecue? I know a lot of my friends down south cook on theirs regularly, and not just barbecue food either.  Every day cooking can be achieved with ease.

As you get further into the garden I have visions of areas of flowers as well as vegetables. I need to encourage bees, butterflies and other wildlife into the area. I use to spend ages when we lived on the farm sitting on a big rock amongst the lavender watching the bees and butterflies it is very relaxing. 

So what better than a few pergola for climbing flowers? 

This would be ideal for my herbs

Lastly I have to say I think the new girls in the family would love to be free range and coming home to roost in this every night. Can see them now strolling off across the fields scratching in all the undergrowth and finding all the beasties to eat, off to the river for a quick drink and back home again before dark......oohhh I wish!!

Who knows one day maybe. A girl can dream can she not?

This is a collaborative post but all ideas are my own.

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