Saturday, 4 October 2014

A visit from Minky and Dinky

I have to say it is amazing having grandchildren on the doorstep, they pop in and out, or we pop down and see them. They are coming on brilliantly, but still so totally different. Minky is a wee monkeyand he is on the go and in to everything all the time, Dinky is a lot more content and quite happy to sit with a pile of toys and play away quietly. 

We spent a while building up the bricks, they both love to knock them down. 

This cheeky wee face kept popping up from behind the arm of the couch and laughing. What's not to love? 

Not overly keen on him near the glass door, have no idea if it is safety glass or not. But mummy disappeared through the door so he has to watch for her coming back.

Here he is peeking at mummy. 

Meanwhile Little Miss Butter would not melt just sits around looking sweet and angelic - don't be fooled by that look as it is quite deceptive. She was jigging away to the musical toys, must get some new batteries in them.

Now he has wandered off to see what is down the other end of the living room,not a lot except a table to get stuck under.

Dinky just keeps on sitting calm and content. 

Any excuse really to share pictures of them both, you have to agree they are adorable.

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