Thursday, 30 October 2014

Learning through Science - Slimy Factory

I did a review earlier on a water science set that Bob and I had fun with, you can find that review here Next we tried out Fifi's set, she had been sent the Slimy Factory - Slippery Slugs which is designed for age 8+. I felt an 8 year old would need quite a bit of help and supervision with this set, where as at Fifi's age (11) she managed well by herself.

The Slimy Factory science kit aims to teach children what atoms and molecules are, which polymers are used in everyday life and creating slippery monsters and bouncing balls.
 Again the website tells you more about what skills are taught/required.

The kit contains all the scientific bits and pieces you need from measuring cups to pipettes to moulds and chemicals that you need.

This set is quote good, the first experiments get you making solutions that you need to use in later experiments. Fifi was happy to wear the gloves and goggles as they have to wear goggles in class at school. Not sure if I felt they were necessary but they were provided so we used them.

Fifi's thoughts

Exp 1 - Sodium Alginate Solution - it was interesting to watch the crystal dissolve over time, though it was a bit boring waiting for them all to dissolve, it did recommend leaving overnight,so we did. This is used in foods. 

Exp 2 - Calcium Chloride Solution - I liked this experiment as it only took a little while for it all to dissolve. The little bits inside looked a bit like teeth. 

So we made up the solutions but they take a while to be use able, so we looked at other experiments we could do.  So Fifi liked the idea of making the ball. She managed to clip the ball together and we took it in turns to pour in the two different colours.She could have managed this by herself but this was to save her putting one down and picking the other up numerous times. We then submerged it in water, left it for the designated time and then took the mould off. After a few minutes to dry off the ball was ready for use. It bounces well.

making the ball

Exp 13 - bouncy ball - this was the best experiment ever. It did take a little while to make the ball, and it was a bit sticky until it dried - it bounces higher than me when complete.

Next off she made the play dough in a red colour. This took a bit longer to mix, and you do need the gloves for this one as the colour would colour your hands.

making the play dough
Exp 11 - crazy play dough - I loved this experiment watching the gooey mess thickens into a sticky red lump. It died my gloves red. Now it is sealed in a bag all squashed out to look like a packet of blood. 

Fifi then decided to turn the gloves inside out and fill them with water to help clean them, She reckoned it looked like a cows udders.

washing the gloves clean. 

We liked this set as it is introducing themes that Fifi is just learning at school. The sets are fun and easy to use. The booklet is laid out to make the information fun and appealing, there is a lot of background information as well as the actual experiments. I would recommend this set to add to your Santa list.

More experiments will be done next time Fifi is here as he solutions will be ready by then.

I received this set in return for a review but all the fun is not influenced by this.

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