Saturday, 30 April 2011

allotment update for end April

The potatoes have been in since the start of the month, and some of them are starting to poke through, not by much but slowly, and its early days yet.

 The first 6 rows which are earlies are poking through, the last 6 rows are lates, but showing no signs of poking through just yet.

a couple of casualties
Well its the end of April and my veggies have been in for 10 days now, and so far seem to be doing not too bad.

A couple of the lettuces are looking beyond there best and probably wont make it , but there wasn't room for all of them in the garden at the start and are in pots so maybe replace some of them.

a row of carrots
 The carrots have not yet grown much but they have not withered and died either. mind the apple blossom seems to be taking over the whole garden
 One of the runner beans is looking a bit sorry for himself at the front RHS here, but the rest seem to be coming along fine.

as are the dwarf beans
sweetcorn potted on.
 The sweetcorn were potted on just after tea time tonight into bigger pots. 4 of the original seeds planted didn't even sprout, and another 1 wasn't big enough to pot on so it went in the bin.

       These plants are in the small plastic greenhouse we have in the back garden, and hopefully will go out in 3 or 4 weeks.
the 3 courgettes are looking well.

the tomato plants are looking good

spearmint plant - makes nice mint tea
all in all I'm very pleased with how its all coming long, I would have expected casualties had I grown them on from seed myself and planted them out. We have had a week of temperatures as low as 4oC at night but warm and dry during the day, and therefore have had to go along and water them every evening.

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