Wednesday, 20 April 2011

fun- as- a- gran my blog

Having been roaming around various blogs for a month or two now, and came across Tara at Sticky Fingers last week but the theme was beyond me, but this weeks theme is more to my liking.

My blog is new and I have only been at it since the start of the month.

I started a blog because I was having fun looking at other peoples and seeing what they are doing with life and how they cope with the ups and downs, and thought it would be nice to join the blogging family.
 But covering what I wondered? I lead a fairly dull life with few highs and lows, nothing you could make a soap drama out of, (though some week the adult children cause me grey hairs!!) work part-time in a fairly humdrum job and have no life really to speak off outside this

The obvious choice then is my grandchildren, they bring me a lot of pleasure and we have fun together and do things, so I thought what better a title or subject.

so I suppose the picture that has to sum up my blog has to include the grandchildren having fun. My blog picture does exactly that, but felt that was cheating so have picked another one, undecided whether to use one from the same day, oh took approx 100 bubble pictures that afternoon, but I decided no will go for something slightly different.

So this picture was taken last year at M & D's Theme Park Glasgow last year, I won a family pass so we went for a family day out . I may add I only hold bags/cameras/jackets etc, I do not go on anything that moves!!


  1. Great post and picture. I love the fact the fact that your blog is based around your children/grand children and I'm sure this gives you lots of good material to blog about. I only started blogging last year but am totally addicted now! Welcome to the blogging world :)

  2. oh Really nice, love the big bubble thing. Magical bubbles, everyone loves them....

  3. Great picture and you can tell how much you love being a gran and I also think you are far more exciting that you seem to think.
    My try is over at

  4. How wonderful to document your time with your grandchildren x


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