Saturday, 23 April 2011

An evening at the beach

We are very fortunate living in the beautiful seaside town of Ayr, not to mention all the lovely parks, a few country estates including Belleisle Country Estate, that has masses of room to run and play, a brilliant play park area and a nice safe bit to ride bikes. Auchencruive Estate  which has beautiful river walks that soon will be full of baby ducklings, and of course a beach.

There are 2 accessible ends to the beach in Ayr, along at Greenan Castle which is a more rocky end, slightly less accessible, but with beautiful views across to Arran and the more central Ayr Beach, which is more your traditional sandy beach. The water quality is not good and fails the water tests more often that it passes, and a lot of people use it to walk their dogs and don't always pick up after them, but it does get cleaned by the council on a daily basis in the summer months.

There is also a lovely play park at the beach all sectioned off and built over sand so safe to fall on, as well as Pirate Pete's

We went along there on Wednesday evening  when I had the children, (after letting them down on Tuesday due to my allotment plants turning up and needing planted), and after we made our Easter chicks and cards we went and had a hour of fun and running and jumping, and exercising the dogs as well as the kids.

burying Auntie Tweeze's feet

the dog decides to join in


Bob digging a hole

more holes

Fifi playing at digging as well

two kids can make a bigger hole together

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