Sunday, 17 April 2011

Whats in my fridge


Thank you to my wonderful blogging friend Anthea at ForestFlower23 for inviting me to join in with this meme. Nice to be invited when I am new to this blogging world, great to be given the opportunity to join in.

ok top shelf of my fridge contains provamel rice milk, 2 cartons orange juice, 1 carton cranberry juice, 2 cartons of different smoothies, half a tin of dog food and a tub of mince out of the freezer defrosting for tea tonight, a bottle of Harvey Bristol cream and a jar of home made beetroot.

next 2 shelves contain 3 tubs butter, half tin beans in a tub, jelly, home made soya yoghurt, cooked meat, tinned apricots in a tub, home made lentil soup in a tub, and  home made corn beef hash ( probably needing thrown out).

the door contains various mustards chutneys and jams, 2 cough bottles, bottle tomato sauce, normal semi-skimmed milk, tub of alpro soya yoghurt and a jar of mayo.

Bottom drawer contains satsumas, soya margarine, bought soya yoghurt, tomato puree, cheese ( both ordinary and lacto free), pack bacon, lacto free cheese spread and a dairylea dunker.

now the difficult part, find 5 others that haven't joined in, I don't have a huge list of blogging friend so far so
only managed to find these 3, couldnt see this Meme on their pages.

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  1. Lol, thank you for "tagging" me , I think!
    Have absolutely no idea what a Meme actually is, but have tried to do my best! :-)


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