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Fresh veg 2011 - April (post 1)

Having an unemployed husband has its downside, not just the lack of income,  but more importantly the lack of motivation for him to achieve, so when a friend of asked asked us about taking over an elderly couples garden last year to use as an allotment we jumped at the chance. We are on the council waiting list, still 54th this year so might be 90 time we reach the top of the list.

 We have an area of ground measuring 8ft by 40 ft, plus a back wall that gets the sun all day, and a big area around their rhubarb that we can use, and in return for us getting to use this for what we want to grow, we keep the flower side of their garden, roughly the same size weed free for them. We got this allotment quite late on last year and so really only grew potaotes, sweetcorn, peas and runner beans with any success, everything we planted underground didnt grow at all.

This year we are hoping for more success with more stuff as there is nothing nicer than home grown vegetable. We have had the advantage of having fertilised the ground over the winter, and to do this we covered it in seaweed that we brought up from the local beach. Some websites say not to use seaweed but many of the elderly local people swear by it not only to add mineral to the ground but also as a effective weed suppressant.

It has been very cold and wet in this part of the country over the last few weeks, and we were hoping to have the rest of our potatoes planted before now, but last week they would have needed wellies and aqualungs on to be planted as the ground is very very wet still, but I am hoping for dry weather in the next fortnight on which to get them under way. I did get the 2nd earlies in, but not so sure it was a good idea.

Bob and I made a start on seeds into pots this morning and we planted up 15 sweetcorn seeds to start them off in pots indoors  We have used Johnsons Incredible F1 .http://www.johnsons-seeds.com/seeds-plants-gardening/13181/sweet-corn-incredible-f1, which produced last year 4 -6 cobs per stem and grew to approx 5 ft tall and they were beautifully sweet and were enough sweet enough to eat raw. They should take 6 to 8 weeks to mature enough to go outside, which puts us at the end of May, easily giving them enough time to grow and ripen by the middle of September ( or earlier) if we are lucky.

I am fortunate this year as I dont need to bring anything else on from seed because my wonderful daughter, the mother of my grandchildren, won a http://www.rocketgardens.co.uk/showdetails.asp?id=392 which she has kindly swapped with me as she has nowhere to grow the stuff without the children running through it.
(mental note to self - do not remind daughter she not actually been given a swap yet).

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  1. Really enjoyed reading that, and it's quite inspiring! Is it a Landshare kind of thing? I remember Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall mentioning a similar set up. This year I'm hoping to get on with my little allotment patch (only a teeny bit) and the more I read about other people's patches, the more inspired I get. Thanks for sharing! :O)

  2. Oooh hello NEW BLOGGER! What a great post to start you off in the bloggy world! We have been planting seeds with the littlies too. Love it. No Time for an allotment though :-(

  3. Yes I suppose it is, hadn't thought of it that way, it was just being in the right place at the right time.
    You can achieve a lot with a small patch if you organise it right, say tall growing sweetcorn/peas and plant carrots/lettuce/cabbage etc. in the ground in between them, just makes it a bit more difficult to weed.
    Glad this inspired you, hoping to do regular updates as it grows.
    for anybody else interested there is a landshare website here http://www.landshare.net/index/ if you want a go yourself.

  4. Thank you RedTedArt, yes Bob has been doing it at Nursery as well, and he was singing me his song about planting them and watering them and them sprouting up. Daughter has filmed him on her camera and if I can get her to pull it off and upload it I may put a link in to it afterwards.

  5. Reading from showoff showcase, so how did your garden grow?

  6. hi Emma, not brilliant, there are 3 or 4 updates on there right up to this week

  7. Aaahh we enjoyed growing some strawberries this year but it would be lovely to have more space. Thanks for popping by and taking a look at my blog. Am following you now :-)

  8. Ooh you've been blogging about same time as me. Are you addicted too? This year I grew strawberries and didn't kill them!! That, for me, is fantastic.

  9. Hello. Am looking forward to reading how your garden grows - and hopefully understanding why my *not supposed to be miniature* veg doesn't, as I pick up some tips along the way.

  10. I would one day like to have a little bit of garden to grow some veg with and for my boys. Lovely first post and thank you for stopping by my blog xx

  11. Oh how lovely! You've got such a good sized plot to do so much with, hope it worked out ok.

    Thanks for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase.

  12. I have long term garden envy, which was eventually assuaged by getting a balcony suitable for at least some window boxes of flowers and tomatoes. I suspect in practice, though I would be very bad a gardening. I wonder if this garden is still going? Must poke about your blog...

  13. popping over from #pocolo do you still maintain this arch of land and did your daughter ever get her swop?

    1. hubby still weeds it for the old lady, her hubby died last year but we not near enough now to grow anything in it, was different when it was round the corner. Yes she got a few things including a curry kit that I won that she liked.

  14. I have always gardened and cannot imagine not having a space where I can grow vegetables. I long for a walled garden but do realise now that this will probably never happen. So are you still gardening there? #MyFirstBlogPost


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