Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Gallery - Green

Well I have been and looked at varying other posts on this topic on since it went live this week.
I have some bushes/trees that I could post..... I thought about being clever and doing something "green" like some of my baby vegetables down the allotment, .....or home made natural yoghurt that are carbon footprint friendly.
But it just so happens that it was Bobs' birthday 10 days ago, and it just so happens that the icing on his birthday cake I thought it would be different that the other postings I saw, so here is Bob with said cake.


  1. Hi Super gran!

    Love the cake.Hope Bob liked it too!
    We have had a go at making yoghurt and it's soo easy!Why don't people all the time?

  2. I mean why don't they make it all the time?


  3. Im so fed up of paying nearly £2 for 4 standard sized soya yoghurts when I can make 2 litres cheaper. not as thick as bought but with no sugar and nothing artificial added got to be better


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