Saturday, 10 September 2011

August wins and blog freebies

not a lot to report on here really, but grateful for any win especially that will make presents for Christmas.

Competition Wins

a cushelle bear and a poohbear.

A mobile phone, struggling to use it but getting there, old one was much easier for a geriatric like me. Nice pink one.

2 sets from the fruit shoot competition.

a Scotland football top from a comp I entered way back in April, still waiting on prize. A pack of rice krispie limited edition orange squares, no picture they were very yummy and have been eaten.

A very yummy hamper that you can read about here

and a fuel less cooking stove to use and blog about but not got that yet either.

Goodies for my blog.

Keimling milk maker 

These were excellent last month, but then I put a lot of work into my blog so it paid off.

                                                                      my ice cream maker

2 meccano sets 

food from Healthy supplies

fab effex


  1. What an incredibly lovely amount of products you have and well deserved too, am finding it fascinating reading your Blogs Elaine, very informative x

  2. Wow some lovely wins there Elaine :) I have started keeping a list of wins each month and actually I am not doing too bad lol


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